March 22, 2003

Bought one - get ready for 2004!

Well, my trip to Caterham Midlands was really useful. So much so that I put my deposit down there and then and the car should be delivered mid to late June. I've only got a couple of weeks to finalise the options now!!

I spent around two hours chatting with Nick Potter at Caterham Midlands. He showed me round the vast number of ex-Academy, pre-Academy and current Academy cars that they have and pointing out the differences between the different year specs and the possible options.

Answers to a few of the questions I had first:

  • All the 2004 cars are going to have the roll cage - but there is no 'tall cage' option anymore. The floor has been lowered though, so everyone should be able to fit now.
  • I'm getting the nose in black. This wasn't at any extra cost.
  • I decided against getting the wheels in black and so didn't even ask if it was possible.
  • The SVA cost is ?150. Delivery was ?100 for me because I live pretty close to the factory. There's probably about ?200 in oil, fluids etc. etc.
  • Side protection bars are optional, and around ?70.
  • I can have the post build check done at Surrey.

So, my current spec is:

  • Standard 2004 Academy car
  • Unpainted (against the advice of most people - we shall see!)
  • Black nose/wings
  • Black pack
  • Plumbed in fire extinguisher
  • One seat

However, I still want to think about the following options:

  • Passenger 4 point harness (it comes with a simple belt anyway)
  • Removable steering wheel
  • Paint!
  • Side protection bars
  • Starter Button

Roll on June!

Posted by charles at March 22, 2003 5:16 PM