March 15, 2003

Caterham Surrey - First Visit

Despite living less than a mile away, I hadn't visited the Caterham showroom before. I didn't want to travel up to Caterham Midlands unnecessarily though, so there was nothing to lose by seeing what information the Surrey showroom had.

They threw me a bit at the start by handing me a very different application form from the 2003 one. The price had gone up a ?1000 to ?15,950 but a lot of items that were optional last year are now included. You can see it here.

In previous years the earliest you could get an Academy car was the September of the year before the season you were competing in. Apparently, you can now get them whenever you want - which means I could have a car delivered early in June if I placed an order now. Good in one way, as it means more practice, but it now means that I'll have to find the money earlier.

Still a lot of research about options to do......

Posted by charles at March 15, 2003 5:17 PM