March 19, 2003

Questions for Caterham Midlands

Do you really want to read my boring list of pointless, mostly obvious questions?

If you do (and if anyone is reading this stuff, which is debatable) then comments are welcome!

When can I take delivery?
Is there no 'tall cage' option this year?
Can I have the wheels in black?
Can I have the nose painted in, for example, black. What other colours apart from green and yellow are there and how much do they cost?
What's the cost of the SVA test, servicing, delivery and insurance? (thanks Greg!)
What about side protection bars and how much do they cost?
What other options are there that aren't on the list?
Can I see the tonneau cover?
What sort of helmet will I need? (important because I've got a track day coming up at Spa and need to get a helmet for that - might as well get one I can use for the Academy)
Can I have my post build check done at Surrey if I buy it from here?
Why should I buy it from here?

Posted by charles at March 19, 2003 9:22 AM