June 17, 2004

Castle Combe Test

Well, my first test day - an afternoon at Castle Combe. The R400s were in the morning, so I was out with (mainly) Formula Fords in the afternoon! My particular session was a bit of a mixture - two R400s, a GT car, couple of saloons.....

Castle Combe Circuit.gif

Bit scary I must admit. Had no idea where to park up but managed to find somewhere out of the way. I couldn't find where to sign on and didn't really want to ask (typical bloke!) but eventually saw Andy Billett who was noise checking. When I went to sign on I saw Mike Blackadder from Roadsport B who came over and introduced himself. He got a call on Wednesday asking if he wanted to race in the R400s at the weekend!!!

Got my lap timer running - best was a 1.25.82. This seems not too bad given that the sprint winner last year was 1.14 odd; it's not the full circuit (stops well before Camp) but is from a standing start. Highest (bike computer) speed was on the run down to Quarry, with around 110.5 mph.

My best 5 lap times were (courtesy of downloadable lap timer!)

20 1.25.82
23 1.25.95
22 1.26.10
19 1.26.73
21 1.26.87

Worst lap was a 1.43.28 with an off at Bobbies. Spent a lot of time in the first few sessions just looking in my mirrors!

Posted by charles at June 17, 2004 8:05 PM


How did you find the Mintex 1144 pads? Are they an improvment over the standard item?

Posted by: Simon at June 29, 2004 8:05 AM

They were still bedding in, but I think have created a slightly firmer pedal and have a little more bite. Speaking to Nick Potter, the main advantage of the 1144 pads is that they work for longer than a couple of track days as they don't glaze over. They're pretty cheap too and you can change them in 10 minutes!

Posted by: Charles Elliott at June 29, 2004 11:10 AM


If I remember correctly during your build diary you mention that you purchased a Performance Meter. I have been thinking of getting hold of one of these, possibly a GPS based version and was wondering if you had found yours to be of any use. Also I guess that you are not allowed to use these at trackdays, but they are fine at testdays, is this correct?


Posted by: Andy at June 30, 2004 2:24 PM


Yes, I bought a second hand AP-22. I've played with it a bit, but it's only really good for measuring standing starts as it can only derive speed and distance from acceleration so any errors are cumulative.

I do fancy a Race Technology DL1 but they're a lot of money :-)

Posted by: Charles Elliott at July 5, 2004 2:14 PM