January 19, 2004

Blatting, starter button and other stuff

Again, sorry for such a delay without any updates. There are some other things going on which are taking up a lot of time at the moment.

Only up to 300 miles so there's still a way to go. I try to get out fairly often but it is just so cold at the moment that I find it difficult to do more than about 50 miles at a time! I've decided now that for racing I'm going to go with half doors which I think are a good balance between visibility, aerodynamics and protection from flying stones. I'm also going with a tonneau and passenger seat but have noticed that there's no reinforcing struts on the passenger floor. I've mailed Tech Help to ask them whether I can retro-fit some easily as the other cars I've seen have a L shaped alu strip already fitted.

Here some pictures of the finished car again (with plates this time):

I've finally fitted a Big Red Starter Button which looks, and feels great! It should mean that if I do stall on the track I can at least start the car easily.

My main priority now is getting the car set up as quickly as possible. I've got a couple of places to try calling.....

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Guy Harrington said:

What a great colour. Wish I had mine like that now!

January 21, 2004

Seat, tonneau and half doors

Have decided to take the plunge and have ordered a second Tillet seat with fixed runners (for passenger rides), a tonneau and half doors. I'm picking them up on Saturday and will hopefully get them fitted the same day. A bit steep at ?750 though! Caterham have confirmed that I should fit U shaped strengthening strips under the floor so I'm going to pick those up at the same time.

I really need to sort out the car setup soon....

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January 22, 2004

ARDS test

Just heard from Kim that our ARDS test is likely to be on 3rd March (4th for Group 2) at Silverstone. Not long! Finally got round to calling Colards Motorsport about getting my car set up and they are trying to get it in next week in advance of my track day at Goodwood on 7th February.

It all seems very close now....

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January 24, 2004


Drove to Dartford today (in the Caterham of course) and picked up my Tillet (passenger) seat with fixed rails and floor strengthening, shed loads of steel rivets, two half doors and a tonneau. I've asked on Blatchat for some advice on the best way of fitting the doors but have the seat to keep me entertained in the mean time. It's like being back in the build again!

I also took a trip to Grand Prix Racewear to get my final bits and pieces, including some gloves, a very expensive race suit (?500!) and a bag to keep all the bits and pieces in. They gave me 10% discount which helped ease the pain very slightly. Unfortunately I couldn't take the suit away as they didn't have the colour I wanted so it is on order.

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January 26, 2004

Passenger seat fitting

So, time to fit the passenger seat. Not as easy as it sounds as I had to fit the floor strengthening strips as well. First task was to fit the fixed runners to the seat, which is easy. Then I had to get the seat in the car (easy once you've got the knack) and mark the locations in the floor for the holes that will bolt the seat down. I then drilled the holes and checked that the seat would fit.

With the holes in place, I could go about attaching the strengthening rails. These are wide U shaped aluminium strips that rivet to the underside of the floor. Lining up the main seat holes, I drilled the holes for the rivets that attach the strengthening strips. I could drill a few from the top, but then had to get the car up on axle stands so that I could drill most of the holes from underneath the car. It was then a case of riveting the strips in.

It took a while, but eventually all those rivets were in! Here's some pictures from inside the car and underneath (sorry, the underneath isn't great and was taken from the passenger (exhaust side) of the car).

Then after opening up the holes a little bit more, the job's finished!

Onto the doors and tonneau next.

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January 29, 2004

Trip to Colards for setup off

Unfortunately, I won't be making the trip to Shoreham today to have my car setup at Colards Motorsport. Driving through the snow in a car with no doors, roof or heater doesn't sound great, so reluctantly, I've had to cancel and will rearrange when there's a break in the weather.

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