May 11, 2004

ECU re-program

I sent my ECU, immobiliser and plippers back to Caterham today for reprogramming with the new Rover 'race' map. It's going to take 7-10 days and the car will obviously be off the road during that time. I almost hope the weekend isn't sunny!

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Chelspeed said:

You will let us know if it feels any different when it comes back. I'm intrigued why a mod is suddenly required after they have been using the K series with this ECU for years and years.

Did they give you any more info as to what they are changing?

May 14, 2004

Sunny weekend!

Just my luck - the first sunny weekend is forecast in ages and the car doesn't have an ECU!!!!

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May 15, 2004

23 degrees, sunny and my car is off the road!

Title says it all really :-(

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Guy Harrington said:

24 tommorrow!

Charles Elliott said:

Thanks Guy!

May 20, 2004

ECU back....

My ECU arrived at Caterham from Rover yesterday, and should be with me today. I won't get a chance to fit it until tomorrow (Friday) and then I need to check the car runs before heading off to a track day at Donnington on Sunday.

A couple of people have asked me what the ECU map changes are; well, there doesn't seem to be any official statement so what follows could be completely incorrect, but this is info pulled together from three or four different people at Caterham and outside.

The map has remained unchanged for a number of years. During a recent race series in France though, a couple of engines let go due to overheating at sustained high revs (i.e. during race conditions). Rover modified the map to help prevent this from happening. These ECUs were given to Academy competitors, but halfway through the run they changed the ECU again so it was decided to make everyone use the very latest map so that it was completely fair. My understanding is that the map overfuels the engine at high revs/temps to add some additional cooling - but effectively this will reduce power a little.

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Castle Combe Testing

Our third event is a sprint at Castle Combe on 3rd July, so I've just booked testing there on 17th June pm for ?170. Less than 5 places left at the time of writing so get in quick! Call Maria at the circuit on 01249 782417.

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May 24, 2004

Donnington Park Track Day

Had great fun at a Donnington Park track day with Traxperience yesterday. Met up with Steve (Grubbster) who persuaded me to come along. Thanks Steve! Also saw Chris Rome (cr) and a couple of other Academy competitors. Wonderful weather and what a great circuit; going sideways through the Craner Curves at 90 mph is always good for the soul. As is missing a downchange coming into the chicane and ending up going sideways (passenger first - sorry Dave!) through the bollards on the left hander. Oh well.

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May 25, 2004

Expensive day

Got a bit carried away with my credit card today. I've ordered a T200 Lap Timer from Rollcentre, a Hi-Res bullet cam and microphone from RF Concepts, a Sony DCR-HC40 digital camcorder from AJ Electronics and some associated bits and pieces from Maplin and Vehicle Wiring Products.

I'm probably going to order another 4 wheels (for my scrubbed tyres) from George Polley Motorsport and a tyre rack for my Minno trailer from Brian James Trailers!

I've also finally booked into the Harewood Arms Hotel for my next event at Harewood on June 6th.

Not looking forwards to the bill arriving....

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Charles Elliott said:

Thanks Fabian. In the end I settled on a mount from Jessops for around ?12, as recommended by Chris Rome. I've ordered it, but it hasn't arrived yet. Should be there on Sunday though.

It isn't the prettiest thing but it's cheap and will at least get me started!


Chris said:

"It isn't the prettiest thing but it's cheap and will at least get me started!"

Words to live your life by! :)

see you sunday!

Charles Elliott said:

Assuming it arrives in time of course!!!! Those Manfrotto Super Clamps look good and only cost around ?25 - lots of people mention adaptors though and I wasn't sure what was needed. Might have a look around on Sunday as I'm sure there will be someone that's got one!