July 3, 2004

Academy Event 3 - Sprint, Castle Combe

I should start by saying that my expectation was for a top 5 finish, but I've started to adjust my expectations :-).

For the first time I drove to the event on the morning, which meant getting up at 04:00(!) so that I could arrive in time for sign on at 07:15. A lot of people were already there and with the rain coming down the talk turned to tyre pressures and front anti-roll bars! Fabian quickly made new friends.

Castle Combe - Fabian's Friend (1Mb Quicktime movie)

We walked the circuit and it looked very damp and very very slippery!

Anyway, onto my first timed run. It started dry, but wasn't much fun when it started to rain halfway round....

Castle Combe - Starting to rain (2Mb Quicktime movie)

I was, as usual, somewhere in the middle of the field after the second practice with a 79.43. Paul Jepson was (as usual :-)) quickest with a 74.64.

For the timed runs the weather stayed dry, although the change in wind direction was having some effect on times with the fast ones being around a second slower for the first timed run. I did a 78.18, with PJ doing a 75.55 - this put me in 10th.

So, second timed run. Not too bad a start (although there's some wheelspin there!) and the lap was OK - you can see my reaction on the camera. Came in with a 78.04 and was pleased to have got faster all day. Unfortunately, I ended up in 14th overall. Paul was first with a 74.40 (!), then Pat Gormley with 75.70, Patrick Sharfegger with 76.18 and Chris Rome with 76.26.

Castle Combe - Timed Lap 2 (8Mb Quicktime movie)

Here's a spreadsheet of the results and times for all laps. Let me know if you spot any mistakes!!!

Download file

I've dropped to 13th overall. Improvement needed at Curburough!

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Paul R-J said:

Sounds like your expectations were similar to mine at the beginning of the season, but I too have received a rude-awakening! Really impressed by the driving talent we have in Group 2 as you probably are in G1. Harewood the other week had 5th to 12th place separated by 7/10ths of a second. Apart from a 4th at Goodwood, I've been consistently struggling for pace/ability and have been consistently 10th for the rest of the events. I keep telling myself that the races will be different - in a positive way that is! See you at Snett next weekend.