April 7, 2005

Drilling a Momo wheel

I have needed to do drill a new Momo wheel that I've bought from Caterham. Unfortunately, no template is supplied so I had to make my own. On the Lifeline site you can get a technical drawing of the boss. I used this in Photoshop to create an 'actual size' drawing that I could then use to mark up the wheel. You should find a small punch mark on the back of the wheel which represents the centre of the wheel. Align this with the drawing and then punch marks for the 3 PCD holes.

Caterham drill them in the shape of a triangle - with a single hole straight up and the two holes in a horizontal line at the bottom. If you do this then you should find the new upper shaft is the 'right way up' when you connect it to the lower shaft.

You can download my template here - please sanity check it first before you drill your wheel!

Posted by charles at 7:09 PM