December 26, 2005

Plum Pudding - Mallory Park

For the second year running I entered the 'fun' Plum Pudding race at Mallory Park on Boxing Day. 2 races for GBP100 can't be bad and as usual there were a mixture of all Graduate classes, 2005 Academists and RSB/Inters.

Not too much to say: the grid was based on the order in which entries were received so I was in 17th! (of 21). First race was pretty good - made up 8 places, finishing 9th. Second race I started 9th and finished 9th.

Race 1 Grid
Race 1 Result
Race 2 Grid
Race 2 Result

...and a short video of some highlights!

Plum Pudding Highlights (15Mb Windows Media File)

Posted by charles at 12:18 PM