Race 1 - Castle Combe (Crash!)

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Here we go again, and I was so looking forwards to getting racing again! We were at Combe in the Academy but as it was a sprint, we didn't even do a full lap and missed out Camp which is definitely a bottle corner, looking a lot tighter than it really is but having the pit wall oh so close if you get it wrong.

Testing was wet, and I was feeling comfortable with the car when suddenly, as I went into Camp for about the 5th time, the back came out and I couldn't catch it. Once off the circuit there was only wet grass and I knew I was going to hit the wall which I did, rear nearside first and then the front. As I got out and the session was stopped I could see the chassis damage :-(. First accident of my racing career and I was gutted.

Then things started to look up. Andy Mc from MMS said that he could put it back together if we could find some welding gear. A quick visit to a local race team later and the car was on a trailer being taken down there. I was out again for the afternoon sessions and despite the fact that it was pulling left, the car seemed good. Thanks again to everyone at MMS and everyone else who offered to help out.

Qualifying on Saturday was tough. Although it was dry we had 43 cars out which made it very difficult to put in a good lap. The best I could manage was 19th with 1:21.618. Simon Powell (1:18.700) and Andrew Ennis (1:19.599) were on the front row.

MST have the full qualifying times and the grid.

The race was wet and I wasn't looking forwards to going round Camp again. As the lights went out the spray appeared and I couldn't see anything. I got trapped on the inside and saw a couple of cars on the grass, as well as wings on the circuit, and by the time I got over Avon Rise the red flags were out. As it happened, Simon Powell had spun early on and had been hit hard by Ben Rockey. They weren't the only casualties and a few drivers decided that it wasn't worth taking the start again given the conditions. 35 cars took the second start but the visibility was no better. I managed to make up a few places until I caught Keith Chanter and decided that I was too far back to go past and would happy sit there and take my 12th place gracefully. Charlie Hunt took the win with Trevor Newman in second and Andrew Ennis in 3rd.

Castle Combe (28Mb Windows Media File)

MST have the full results.

After the race the car went off to McMillan Motorsport and back to Arch for some new chassis tubes :-(.

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