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MMM got the car fixed and it was off to Silverstone where I'd qualified 5th last year and so was positive going in. After all, it couldn't get much worse, could it?

With more than 40 cars again setting out for qualifying I wanted to make sure I got the chance to put in some good laps so after working out I was in the queue about 6 cars behind a fast group I set out to catch up with them and did so. I put in a 1:09 which was OK and felt a bit happier. On my last lap, I put in a 'good' lap of 1:08.661 which put me 5th out of 39. Happy. Carl Bennet was on pole with a 1:08.085, Andrew Vickers in P2 with 1:08.264 and Chris Rome and excellent 3rd with 1:08.388.

MST have the full qualifying times and the grid.

The lights went out and I got an OK start. What followed was one of the most hectic races I have ever experienced - Silverstone National always creates these sorts of races because of it's long straights and incredibly wide circuit which often means five cars abreast. At this point I normally try to give an event by event commentry but this time I won't bother - watch the video! At the end of lap 1 I was in 7th but only a second behind Carl who was holding the lead. At the end of lap 2 I was in 8th but closer to the leader (Charlie) with a gap of 0.93 seconds! Places swapped continuously with the first 10 within 1.5 seconds of the leader and no gap between cars > 1 second until position 26. At the end of lap 6 I crossed the line in second (having been 5th at the end of lap 5) and briefly overtook Mike Solan to (briefly!) lead! As we came out of Copse on lap 7 I got engulfed and a number of cars came past me. As we then turned sharp right at Maggots/Beckets it got very tight and a little oversteer took me very close to Andrew Ennis, our wheels overlapping. He was under pressure on the outside and I was faster than him out of the corner which turned into a bad situation as my rear wheel hit the back of his rear wheel. My car was flug into the air ("bollocks, this is going to be expensive"), flipped over it's nose and landed on its cage ("keep your arms inside the car") and then landed back on wheels ("sh*t, someone's going to hit me"). Luckily no-one did. Andrew was forced to retire with a puncture but fortunately I didn't make contact with anyone and somehow, ended up by the barrier.

Watching the rest of the race was rubbish, seemed to take ages and just wound me up. (Andrew Vickers won, Charlie in 2nd and Carl 3rd). I was then checked over in the medical centre for the next half an hour and eventually signed off by the paramedics. Many, many thanks to all of them.

[pictures courtesy of Paul @ Race Pictures]


Video of the whole race - as you can see, it was pretty hectic!

Silverstone (80Mb Windows Media File)

..and a smaller one just of the crash.

Silverstone Crash (10Mb Windows Media File)

After having both my helmet and roll cage inspected by Keith (our scrutineer) it was clear that I needed a new cage although my helmet was OK having not hit anything hard. So, it was off to MMM for a second race in a row - and the Snetterton double header is just one week away.....

MST have the full results.

After two crash free seasons, two crashes in two events and my first DNF in a Championship race :-(

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